Schaltgeraetewerk is a vibrant contact point for unconventional musicians. With our intuition, our excessive perfectionism (yeah we know, that’s not always a go-to, but when it comes to music production it’s a must) and years of experience, we support extraordinary artists in realizing their projects. We firmly believe that creativity can only be experienced in an environment that feels safe and peaceful. Your ideas can flow happily, or sadly, or madly, or voidly, or whatever you want it to be.

Our Industry: 

The music industry is an economic sector that has experienced incredible growth in recent decades.

Mainly, due to the rapid establishment of affordable digital technology and its inexpensive manufacturing capability in low-wage countries. So, the market has changed dramatically.

The Downside:

Music productions often have a low budget, much is produced at home and published immediately.

The results often present a low quality. But then, major studios insist on unbearable  high daily rates and thus remain inaccessible for many great projects. We know, this is the most annoying part of it. 

The Schaltgeraetewerk Solution: 

High quality and great effort productions are the ones standing out from the mass.  

But how can we make it more accessible ? 

By getting away from major and towards selfmade. But, selfmade does not mean doing everything by yourself. We are convinced that the current situation calls for creative, independent networks. Our studio offers a new approach by forming a community of creative people, who are provided with the use of a large studio with world-class equipment.  And this is why we chose Werder, Brandenburg as our location. We are free from high renting prices and can offer you high quality with and by professionals. 

You are not only a client at Schaltgeraetewerk, but more part of an international creative network.